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A Message from Our Founder

Helga Portrait.jpg

BCSG began by request – I wasn't looking to start a songwriting group but I had been teaching songwriting at the Adult Education program of Emerson High School and noticed that students would 'sign up' for the next session despite the fact that I was teaching the same material!  So out of that student passion and desire to learn more, BCSG was formed!  I was a newly signed songwriter and scrambled to come up with an agenda and find participants.  The word got out and people traveled from as far as Flemington, NJ and Manhattan to be a part of this group.   Over the years, we learned the craft of songwriting, invited industry guests, performed showcases, polished our  technique,    and     had     summer      parties  

to celebrate our creations!  The participants are a wonderful group of creative individuals that love what they do and love helping their fellow creatives!  In 2022, I needed to step down as leader because my husband and I relocated to the midwest.  I left the BCSG in the very capable hands of Mark Ryan, who continues to lead and guide this group of writers with excellence and a big heart!!  Thank you to all who came through our doors for your support over the years!  I will miss this group terribly but I wish you great continued success as you learn and grow and stay creative!  Happy Writing!!         ~   Helga Kaefer

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